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Katagori : PHP


Assignment Operators in PHP

“=” is the basic assignment operator. Don’t mistake it to be “equal to”. Here in PHP it means the left operand will get […]


Operator Precedence Table in PHP

Given below is the table that lists all the operators in their order of precedence from top to bottom. In the case of […]


Expressions in PHP

In PHP, expressions are considered to be the most important building stones. Almost everything that you write in PHP is an expression. In […]


Constants in PHP

An identifier for simple value is called a constant. It cannot be changed during its execution and hence the  name,  constant.  By  default, […]


Language reference In PHP

In PHP, eight primitive data types are supported. Integer: integers numbers are of the set Z= {…..-3,-2,-1,0,1,2,3,……}. So basically any given number is […]


Learning Basic Syntax PHP

In every language we know the syntax, in php also has its own syntax. Opening and closing syntax in php there are two […]


What is PHP?

PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor is a kind of script language that is widely used for web-based applications, PHP can be embedded in HTML language. […]

link hover animation

Make the hover link into CSS3 animation

This time I will give you the method or how to create animated text links on hover. This method is very easy to […]

PHP Polling

Script Polling sederhana dengan PHP

Metode atau cara membuat polling sederhana menggunakan php dan file.text sebagai internal save data, untuk pengembangan sytem polling anda dapat mengembangkanya sendiri. Contoh […]

Alexa Rank

Script Parsing Untuk Alexa Rank

Dalam dunia maya atau internet, setiap website juga memiliki ranking seperti halnya dalam berkompetisi. Alexa rank diberikan bukan secara asal, tetapi berdasarkan tingkat […]